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Professor Toms is a specialist knee surgeon who has extensive experience in all aspects of knee surgery. His expertise ranges from routine procedures which can often be performed in a day surgery unit, such as arthroscopy, through to more major operations including osteotomy and limb alignment correction surgery, primary knee replacement, complex knee replacement and major revision surgery.
Choosing to have your surgery performed at a private hospital can have many benefits, including shorter waiting times, convenience, pleasant surroundings and choice of consultant.

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Knee Surgery:

Total knee replacement
Partial knee replacement
Computer navigated knee surgery
Revision knee replacement & reconstruction
Arthroscopic surgery of the knee
Osteotomy and limb alignment correction

Knee Reconstruction:

External fixation frames
Patellar femoral joint replacement
Patient Matched Knee Replacement
Complex knee replacement

Trauma Surgery - specifically:

Complex lower limb fractures
Complex lower limb trauma
Tibial plateau fractures
External fixation
Management of periprosthetic fractures

Treatment for:

Sports injuries and all knee conditions
Early and advanced osteoarthritis
Early and advanced rheumatoid arthritis
Painful Knee Replacements

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